A Mutual Benefit Society


UR Global


UR Global is the international structure for the PanTerra D'Oro Private Contract Association and Private Society.  Through many years of research, development, networking, integration, association development and much more, the PanTerra D'Oro Private Society has established a global network and system of relationships, structures and expertise by and through which we intend to bring forward and manifest real action within our commitment to effect real change in this world for all life and all beings.  This requires the knowledge and experience to understand the follies and pitfalls of the international world.  This is not just going "off shore."  This is really about being a global participant and recognizing the integrity and equal station of all countries, races, ethnic groups, and people.  It also involves having the means and methods to access the world in such a way that we are not tourists in foreign lands, but walk together with all people and bring forward our knowledge, expertise, commitment, technologies, projects and whatever else is required to apply solutions to build a better world for all.

In order to achieve this, one needs the guidance and expertise that our team has developed over many years of trial and error.  We have also built the systems, connections and relationships that provide ease of entry into the global scene that normally are not available to the small player.  This is commonly referred to as "barriers to entry" and "economy of scale."  What that translates to is that most small companies or individuals do not have the time, capital, knowledge or guidance to enter the global marketplace or the global arena.  Most do not have the ability to spend 10 or 20 or even 30 years to "figure it all out."  All of that represents a combined barrier to entry to find one's way in the larger world.  At the same time, the prohibitive costs to do so also represent a scale of costs as an integral component of entry, such that without an economy of scale provided by participation in a larger association that has paved the way for one to follow, the barriers and costs cannot be overcome.  Therefore, we have removed the barriers to entry and provided an economy of scale for our members who wish to step forward into the world and effect real change.  

This, of course, is a work in progress...and will always be so.  Much has been accomplished, much more awaits us still.  Nonetheless, the current structures and points of presence that the PanTerra D'Oro Private Society has in place thorugh various established entities, associations and relationships is quite extensive and very much available for any member to utilize and begin the journey into the world that they wish to engage.  We currently have points of presence in many countries, including Costa Rica, Panama, Bahamas, Mexico, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Rwanda, Hong Kong, Vanuatu, China, Thailand, New Zealand, and even Canada and the United States!  And many more throughout the world, and growing.  PanTerra D'Oro has members now in almost thirty countries. 

Our intention is to build an integrated global presence, so that as a member of PanTerra D'Oro: You Are Global!  The intent is to build regional points of presence to engage local activity for bringing forward solutions and practical applications.  This requires the foundational infrastructre of legal entities, multi-layered structuring, key management (legal, financial, administrative), our own in-house banking and financial group, and all the other components for a truly integrated and capable structure that supports each member's efforts.   More along this line will be presented and expanded in the members private site at www.gemstoneuniversity.org.  

Additionally, with the Protections and Immunities being established within the Court of the Ekklesia and by virtue of each member taking the initiative to correct their Standing and Status (see ANSWERS for more on this), we can come together in additional Mutual Benefit Societies as Global Alliances, to protect our substantive and unalieanable rights to self-determination.  This means that the controls created within the current paradigm of statutes, codes, corporate and commercial bondage are removed and we can operate freely within and as these alliances for mutual support and protection.  Such alliances to achieve this can include but certainly are not limited by the following list:








...and anything else that people around the world wish to join together within to protect their interests, integrity and free capacities to built their lives in such manner as they see best to bring forward their expertise to heal, rejuvenate, expand and integrate our world!!

The real key when one stands as such, is that, even though You Are Global, you are also HERE, standing within your local community, within your own life with your family and friends, and as an interactive part of a global community, can draw on resources, knowledge, expertise and so much more, to build your lives locally as well as standing together to the greater whole of the world in which we all live and must stand together for what is best for all and make it a reality, not just an ephemeral dream.  Come join us and make it so!!