A Mutual Benefit Society


World Administrative Bodies

LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL MEN AND WOMEN BY THESE PRESENTS that the PanTerra D'Oro Private Society has declared and decreed itself to be a sovereign body politic, an Ecclesiastical Sovereignty, as it is Our Right, pursuant to the well-established and long-standing principles of the Law of Nations, wherein as the first clause thereof states:

            ยง 1. Of the state, and of sovereignty

      1. NATION or a state is, as has been said at the beginning of this work, a body politic, or a society of men (and women) united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safety and advantage by their combined strength.

AND FURTHER, LET IT BE KNOWN, that proper notice has been formally presented to the primary world authorities and bodies, both public and private, as listed in this section (see Declaration for Verification and Proof of Service).  This notice was first published in an adjudicating legal notice newspaper in the city of Corona, Riverside County, California for four consecutive weeks in the month of May, 2013.  The notice can be viewed as type-written text or a photocopy of the original hand-written document.  Photos of the original documents with ribbon, sealing wax, embossed seal of the Court and signatures can also be viewed in this section.  

The tracking and confirmation with registered international post numbers, date of receipt by each respondent and end of the 21-day period for response, can also be viewed with the Tracking of Service document.  

As the notice states, all respondents have been provided the opportunity to respond with documented authority to rebut or otherwise challenge the claims of the Society's authority to establish its court and private law as an Ecclesiastical authority amongst other such world bodies.  If no such rebuttal and documented authority is presented to the Court within the lawfully alloted time for such, all claims and capacities as stated in the notice shall stand, and the Society shall proceed forward within and as its own established authority and jurisdiction (Ecclesiastical Soveriegnty).  

All further communications with inferior tribunals, courts, administrative bodies, commercial corporations or otherwise shall be premised and established upon this unrebutted and accepted authority.  Any member of the PanTerra D'Oro Society and Private Contract Association is hereby authorized to present this evidence in any circumstance as may be required to establish standing within the private jurisdiciton of the Court of the Ekklesia and their protections and immunities therein.