A Mutual Benefit Society


The PanTerra Privy Council

The following is excerpted from the Notice to World Administrative Bodies:

Begin excerpt:

It is the right and authority of the Overseer of the Office of PanTerra D'Oro, A Corporation Sole to form the government of the Society, to wit:

"This Charter intends to establish a perpetual government to carry out the mission of the Society. The government of the Society is under the exclusive control of the Office of Overseer. The Person of the Overseer is hereby granted all powers necessary and sufficient to carry out the mission of the Society."

From: Original Articles of Establishment and Creation, styled as Articles of Acknowledgment without grant of jurisdiction, recorded by the Secretary of State of State of Washington and accepted thereby in his de jure original jurisdiction capacities, identifier number UBI 602 184 185.

Perforce standing as such right and authority, the Overseer has caused to be created and forthwith seated the Privy Council of the Office of Overseer, to fulfill his obligation and capacity to seat the government and to fulfill the Mission Intent of the Society as established and memorialized by the original Instrument of Acknowledgment and subsequent published Declaration of the Overseer and articles appended thereto.

End excerpt

The Overseer of PanTerra D'Oro has appointed and seated the Privy Council as the governing council of the Society in fulfillment of the Charter of PanTerra D'Oro, A Corporation Sole, and the PanTerra D'Oro Ecclesiastical Society.  The Society and the Private Contract Association is private and the records of such are held within the private enclosure thereof; therefore, the identities of the members of the Privy Council remain private and closed to the public.  For more information or for any requirements to make contact or communicate with the Privy Council, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

From time to time, if and as the Privy Council wishes to publish any notices to the public, they will be published in this section of the web site.