A Mutual Benefit Society


Declaration of Intention

The PanTerra D’Oro Global Society

It is hereby established as the intention of the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society, by The Office of the Overseer, a corporation sole, by and for the PanTerra D'Oro Private Contract Association, a Mutual Benefit Society, that all living men, women and children who wish to enter into this Society shall, on an individual and wholly personal level, consider this Declaration of Intention and, upon acceptance of such intentions, make them their own. The Office of the Overseer and the PanTerra Society and Private Contract Association do not in any way compel or require any member of the Society to accept or feel compelled to accept this Declaration of Intention, but only encourage each and every member to deeply consider the principles stated herein and if so moved, to make them their own as the foundation of their lives.

PanTerra D’Oro is a Private Society open to any and all human beings, as the living essence of Life standing manifest in human form, to become a member of our Society of their own free will and volitional choice, and said Society shall be comprised of each individual member recognized as a whole and self-contained being, whose purpose, presence and intention shall be therein upheld and honored as a whole system, indivisible and with full authority established within a universal Spirit that manifests as Life itself, however each member may choose to describe, detail, or perceive said Spirit or the Source thereof. We can all agree that we share Life and that we come from somewhere, hence that we have a source. We can also agree that we all share a common ground, which is the very breath that sustains our lives; as such, our source constitutes the very substance and fabric of life itself and that because all life is ultimately interwoven in its mutual and interdependent nature, our only choice here on Earth is to do that which is Best for All Life, for that which is best for all is as well best for each and every one of us. Most people express the concept of source as divine, so we put forth that the word “divine” has as its roots the construct of “the vine,” being a metaphor for the vine that takes root into the soil and substance of the Earth, to bring forth and bear fruit in the synergy of life, for we are that fruit from the root of source that nourishes us and provides succor and vitality as the fruit of our own spirit on the tree or vine of life. The word “spirit” has its roots in the word breath: to inspire, to fill with breath, to be fully aligned and with and a part of life, spirit, and all of existence, and we all share this common ground as the life that we share and inspire together. Together, we embrace the principle that We Hold All Life As Sacred and Honor the Life Force In All Beings. As this unified spirit of life, we proclaim all life here to be the fruit of our very breath: eternal, joyful, abundant and free. The source of life is that place where the living stand unencumbered in such a state of freedom and equality, solvency and wholeness, in honor and integrity, inhabited by those who have awakened to the fact that we were previously lost at sea, the sea of commerce as a metaphor for illusion and death, a sea created by the minds of men to enslave and control our lives in the world of commerce in bonded servitude and trapped in the illusions of debt. In the land of the living we honor all life and do unto others as we would have them do unto us, love each other as we would be loved…this is the whole of our law, to uplift all life and honor the sanctity of the life force in all beings.

As an a priori foundation, the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society is founded on the principle that no man or woman shall be bonded or indentured to another, that the Gift of Life is one freely conveyed, and therefore our intention is that the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society is a protective enclosure, a safe haven and safe harbor, into which all may come and have safe passage through and out of the sea of death to the land of the living, to stand together, free of bondage, free of slavery, and free of the follies of the minds of men that have sought to contain, constrain, own and enslave all of humanity as their property and chattel, instead of as we were originally intended to be, living free of all such shackles, chains and constraints. Fundamental to this is to show each and every one how they can - by their own free will, action and choice - choose to engage within themselves the power and capacity to break the bonds of illusion perpetrated by and within the minds of men. Such is the manifested illusion of debt that keeps us lost in the sea of death.   By settling all claims and attachments to the illusions of debt and slavery, we then enter via the port of safe harbor onto the land. Upon the land we stand on the soil and substance within and as Life itself, thereby delivering the manifest cargo of our individual spirit as beneficiary of the Global Estate to port as the landed estate of the living body standing as the self-expressed life of every member of our Society.

It is the intention of this Society to be so constituted with all members as living beneficiaries of the Global Estate, said Estate defined as the Gift of Life in Manifestation, and to thereby, as a congregation of the larger whole, establish both a system of balanced self-governance in converse with the unified and collective spirit that indwells within each of us in our individual and personal relationships with our Source and Life and to be a container for the indwelling presence of the living and eternal being thereof, and to be dedicated upon the following principles, the first of which is to be in Service to the yet larger whole of the human race and all of life currently endowed with the Gift of Life here upon Planet Earth. Said service is founded upon the primary recognition that each human being is as a sacrament between the individual and his or her Source; and that the Gift of Life, as such a sacrament, should therefore be honored in all thoughts, acts, words, deeds and intentions by all others who share the common ground of life on this Earth embodied and endowed with the sacred breath that we all share. Equally, we recognize that the fabric of Life is interwoven with all other life forms on this planet: the animal and plant kingdoms, with nature and the environment, with the oceans and rivers, the forests and fields, and that we must establish a recognition of the pure essence of life inextricably woven together into one unified fabric of life, source and substance thereof. Therefore, our service is to all life, that it may grow in abundance, balance and sustainability, accepting full responsibility for all life and recognizing that if we fall short of that we shall all perish due to our own ignorance and failure to realize and understand the delicacy of our station and the responsibility to all of life that we hold.

The Second Principle That We Declare and Recognize as the guiding foundation upon which our Society shall be constituted is that of Self-Responsibility. We recognize fundamentally that we are not victims, that all that we see in the manifest world is a result of our own acceptance and allowance of outside authority, power and principalities as if a real hierarchy of life station exists or existed or was the original intent of source as life. This, too, includes our own abrogation of self-responsibility. Rather, we understand and realize that we are responsible for what we have created in this life by our acceptance, allowance and consent, both individually and collectively; and in that awareness of true responsibility we undertake to embody our own power and authority to correct that which has been manifested in dereliction of responsibility to uphold and honor all life. As such, we undertake, by this Declaration of Intention and the acceptance thereof, to commit ourselves to heal this world in every form, in every corner and for every living thing. In this we recognize the inherent power in such responsibility and that all can be made whole once again if built on a foundation of responsibility for all life. By acknowledging our own responsibility, we empower others to follow and to begin to take the steps to make amends and to atone for what has been done before. To atone means to enter a state of being “at one,” to return to our original template as part of the living fabric of this world, to be aligned with all life and each other. By so doing, each one is erasing the illusion of external power and control that has manifested in the form of bondage and slavery in this world.

The Third Principle That We Declare and Recognize as the guiding foundation upon which our Society shall be constituted is that of Stewardship, herein defined as the balanced and integrated approach towards the development and maintenance of the necessities of Life in all of its manifold expression by and through the natural resources with which this Earth has been sufficiently endowed for all of life’s sustenance, support, nurturance and well-being. As such, our focus shall be as a fiduciary responsibility in relationship to the natural resources that come under our purview, to hold, maintain, develop and expand said resources for the benefit of all who choose to come into our Society, for all of Humankind and for all of Life in the wholeness of the fabric and substance thereof. We hereby declare that we shall be guided in our endeavors with a sense of sacredness for the Gifts of Life; that all current and future generations shall be the beneficiaries of said service in stewardship of all the resources that are here on this Earth to provide the requirements of life for a whole, balanced and joyfully blessed journey on this planet for all men, women and children. In essence, we declare herein the recognition that all such Gifts of Life require an integrated co-creative relationship between Our Source and Ourselves as the stewards of this Earth.

Therefore, We Declare Ourselves as having entered into this association as a free and independent society under the name of the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society, as a society that shall span and encircle the Earth as a whole system whereby each member shall be recognized as being endowed with their own sovereign power and authority within a co-equal relationship between the Earth as our home, our Life and Existence as our Source, and Ourselves as divine spirits in corporeal form.   We hereby declare our recognition of the Spirit of the Earth Herself, as a part of the larger blessing of wholeness we each have been endowed with by the Eternal and Infinite Source of Life Itself that has placed us here to imbibe the Gifts of Life we share. In communion with Source, Spirit, and Mother Planet, we hereby declare that a New Earth based on equality, abundance, compassion, mercy and reverence for the sacredness of all Life shall emerge forthwith by our efforts and our intentions. We place at the highest level our reverence for the sanctity of all beings, the integrity of all life, and the sovereignty and indivisible wholeness through which we honor ourselves, each other, and all other life forms of this Earth.

We Declare Our Intention to Support, Nurture and Defend the rights of all Human Beings who walk upon this Earth and who share the Gift of Life. This intention is founded upon the recognition that all Sentient Beings are endowed with the unalienable rights of self-determination and the fundamental assurances of the minimum qualities of life, such assurances to be fulfilled by having the necessities of life such as proper nourishment, clothing, shelter, access to knowledge and education, training for fulfilling capacities to support and sustain their lives and their families, to be integrated within their relationships of social, economic, familial and community bonds.

It is Our Dedicated Intention That We Shall Strive to assist all those in need in order that they may provide for themselves and their families the means of establishing the fundamental requirements of life while on this Earth. We shall be guided by our consciences and our intentions to honor all life forms and all human beings on our planet, and all sentient beings in existence as a whole, to apply our efforts to uplift and sustain the qualities of life that we wish to have for ourselves and our families, and to continue in our efforts until all on this planet have achieved such a goal. In so doing, we fulfill the law that states, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

We Come Forward in Peace,with no other agenda except for those herein declared, thereby maintaining the respect and honoring of all human beings, male and female in full equality, of all races, religions, political organizations, and any other human associations that we would desire and expect for ourselves. In this regard we declare our intention to honor all sentient beings that we might interact with and to hold at the highest level of respect the free moral agency with which every being has been endowed. Each individual who wishes to enter into this Society shall examine their own conscience and personal commitment to this Declaration of Intention, and in the innermost chamber of their hearts shall therein pledge to uphold and fulfill this solemn covenant to the best of their capabilities. We hereby invite all those individuals on this planet who wish to undertake such a pledge to join with us on an equal footing as we are intended to be by our Primary Source and the only authority to whom we must answer.

In Sacred Communion, We Hereby Declare that we shall be guided by the inspirational words to be found in a little known document which formalized the union of the Polish and Lithuanian states in Central Europe in the year of 1413, known as the Act of Union, wherein it is stated:

“It is known to all that a Man [or Woman] will not attain salvation if he [or she] is not sustained by Divine Love, which does no wrong, radiates goodness, reconciles those in discord, unites those who quarrel, dissipates hatred, puts an end to anger, furnishes for all the food of Peace…"

“Through that Love, laws are established, kingdoms are maintained, cities are set in order, and the well-being of the State is brought to the highest level…May this Love make us equal, whom Spirit and Identity of laws and privileges have already joined.”

To This Do We Dedicate our Creative Force and Capacities, our Considered Commitment and Resolve, our Heartfelt Passions and Our Very Breath of Life to see such as this fulfilled in our time. In the Eternal Wisdom of Life Itself, in which all are equal in life, all life is intended to be filled with abundance and prosperity, to be free to enjoy the abundant fruits of creation as designed and manifested through our collective and Eternal Essence. Such abundance shall ensue from the Eternal Heart outwards into the manifest world, for it is hereby decreed that there shall never abide any structure of lack, poverty or limitation that would inhibit the free flow of our eternal pleasure as Life Itself in bringing forth a true cornucopia of abundance, prosperity and joy on this Earth. The PanTerra D’Oro Private Society, shall forever be aligned to this Intention, so that said Society shall forever fill and overflow, spreading to all whom we touch the Divine Nectar of Life, Liberty, and Freedom, as the fruit of the vine inspired as the breath of life. In such radiance shall each of us become a center point of Eternal Life, a reality that can only be realized when all share in the fruits of the vine of life equally. May that vine be firmly planted in Life; that the succor and sustenance that all require to live here in life shall be sufficiently full and that the spirit that fills and inspires us be forever sustained.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we do hereby establish this covenant and co-creative bond with all beings and with all life, and decree this as the new foundation upon which the new Earth shall be established, and declare this as the intention of the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society, and The PanTerra D'Oro Private Contract Association, initially affirmed by the Office of the Overseer of PanTerra D’Oro, a corporation sole, on the Twenty-First Day of the Second Month in the common era year of Two Thousand Two, and individually, by each and every member of the Society and by all those who wish to affirm and make this Declaration and Intention their own, and so shall it be.