A Mutual Benefit Society


GEMSTONE University

The GEMSTONE University is an integral component of a Mutual Benefit Society established to provide education, tools and resources for the members of the society to achieve true freedom in all aspects of their lives.   The first step on this path to freedom is removing the presumptions that attach us to debt and liabilities, bankruptcy and enslavement.  In order to achieve this, one must remove these presumptions and remove presumed consent, as well as step into a jurisdiction that provides safe harbor and haven.  It is the Mission and Intent of GEMSTONE University to integrate and present a comprehensive understanding of How It All Fits Together, all the elements that create our world: history, law, money, jurisdiction, and many more subjects, in an accessible and understandable system of courses, written materials and audio/video presentations. 

The University is part of a larger endeavor, the Gemstone Global Network, that is building multi-media, networking, broadcasting, content development, new economic models, community integration, global action combined with local identities, and embracing the diversity of the world's peoples, cultures and races into a global family.  This global network will be the foundation of our interactive community for social and economic networking, bringing forward new technologies for sustainable living and assistance and support for all who wish to apply their life force energies towards building a new world of freedom, abundance and prosperity, a world that works for all.