A Mutual Benefit Society


Land Claim Rolls

Only living men and women have unalienable and substantive rights.  All others are attached to the system of corporate fiction and debt as civilly dead entities, bonded as sureties (guarantors) for pepetual debt.  The evidence of this is self-evident in today's world as almost all men and women do nothing more than exert all of their life force (time and energy) to service debt in one form or another.  The PanTerra D'Oro Mutual Benefit Society is for members only to access the knowledge, understanding and practical steps and applications to change this status.

One of the key substantive and unalienable rights that a living man or woman has is to Claim the Right of Absolute Title of Land.  Those without land are also those without standing.  Those without standing are bankrupt and subject to all the controls and impairments we see manifested and increasing in magnitude in today's public society.  In the world of debt, death and control, a person, as a corporate entity, is a citizen who registers to vote, and by the act of that registration confesses to being nothing more than property of the state and surety to the public debt.  As property of the state, all manner of infliction can be rained down upon such persons, including the theft of children from their parents, including warrantless search and seizure, theft of funds in bank accounts, raids by SWAT teams from every type of 3-letter agency, and much, much more.  

Conversely, a man or woman of substance (substantive rights) is one who has standing on the land, and such standing is by Claim of Right.  One must first become recognized amongst the living, separated from the impairments of the dead, and then can and will be able to claim that right and title hold to stand on the land as the living substance of this Earth and all that that status implies.  One element of such status is that a man/woman on the land is now an elector, qualified as such to truly elect those that will serve the people (having the elected as servant to the people as masters).  Conversely, citizens that register to vote are only participating in the common share holder casting of ballots for corporate officers, while the true electors do the actual selection of the officers.  Therefore, this section has been established for those members of the Society who have properly taken the steps as outlined on this web site and taught in detail to members within the private enclosure of the Gemstone University, and once completing those steps of walking into the land of the living, having the capacity and taking the step to Claim the Right and Absolute Title Hold on and of the Land.

As public record and notice, the Rolls of the Court for Claims of Land can be found below, with relevant detail of the unique court record identifier number and scanned copies of the relevant documents and court orders.



  1. Land Claim of the Living Man, daniel lynn of House of Hutchins
  2. Land Claim of the Living Man, kenneth scott, House of Cousens
  3. Land Claim of the Living Man, jon anthony, House of Lewis
  4. Land Claim of the Living Man, robert edward, House of Maki
  5. Land Claim of the Living Man, thomas herman, House of Theurer

  1. Court Record Number: LCR.0006.0002
  2. Court Record Number: LCR.0132.0003
  3. Court Record Number: LCR.0051.0007
  4. Court Record Number: LCR.0225.0010
  5. Court Record Number: LCR 0063.0018