A Mutual Benefit Society


Acceptance and Acknowledgment of Deed

This section pertains to the Acceptance and Acknowledgement of the Birth Certificate as a deed of trust attached to the living flesh of the man or woman.  As such, it must be accepted to be made the property of the living man or woman as the first step towards separating the living from the dead.  The BC is an instrument of attachment for the transmitting of the living substance of the living being into the world of the dead, to give a semblance of life through commercial bonding (bondage) to create currency as debt instruments and basically feeding tubes of the dead onto the living, for we must exert our living substance and energy in order to service those instruments of debt/death.  

If one wants to be free, the first step is to accept and acknowledge the deed and make it one's own property via specific steps and methods.  These are taught in the Gemstone University for members only.  If you are interested to know more about this, register as a member at www.gemstoneuniversity.org.

The Acceptance and Acknowledgement of the Deed (Birth Certificate) are recorded here as public notice of the fact that such a step has been taken by the living men and women who are stepping out of the land of the (civilly) dead and into the land of the living.  

The record of these acceptances will be posted here shortly (as of 7.8.13).