A Mutual Benefit Society


Inter Vivos Trusts

An Inter Vivos Trust is a trust by and for a Living Being as a Declaration of and Claim of Life and an expression of our Will, Purpose and Intent.  Any member who wishes to establish and enter such a trust into the records of the Court for perpetual record keeping and any other purpose that may be required by the member. can do so within our Status Correction course.  An Inter Vivos Trust is a trust "between the living," and constitutes the Evidence of Life and Claim of Life whereby the member stands amongst his or her peers and requests that the evidence that he or she is a living being, Here in Life, and not in any way presumed to be or construed to be dead, deceased, decedent or any other trick of language to attach the living expression of the being to the constructs of the civilly dead world of corporate fictions and bonded debt.  

The requesting member stands before three members of the Society and declares him or herself to be alive, and this is witnessed by the living hands of the three witnesses by their autographs and seals being applied to the Inter Vivos Trust.  It is then entered into the record of the Court by the autogrpahs and seals of three justices of the Court.  Such a three-justice panel carries considerable weight in law and therefore, such a declaration and documentary witness of the Inter Vivos Trust with the Seal of the Court is irrefutable evidence that no lesser or inferior tribunal or court can deny.  Such a witness document stands above any presumptions of death, presumptions of attachment or any other legal artifice that are attempted to be applied to the living being.  

With respect to any or all claims of liability in the world of corporate fiction, these only attach or apply to the civilly dead entities that they have created.  As such, let the dead tend to the dead, and we as the living shall stand together in life amongst the living.  This section is public notice under the Seal of the Court that those beings who have completed these steps have caused to be published in this record of the Court that they now are standing in life as a living being.