A Mutual Benefit Society


Land Trusts

The Court of the Ekklesia of the PanTerra D'Oro Society is open to have its members petitiion the Court for the issuance of Court Orders for the formation of trusts for various purposes that serve and support the member in the fulfillment of his or her Mission Statement as the expressed intention, purpose and mission of their society.  The Court stands ready to provide this service for all members.  All such orders are issued by the Court of the Ekklesia under its Seal.

The category of "Land Trust" is utilized for a specific purpose which is creating a trust for holding land and/or other types of property such as homes, commercial buildings or natural preserves.  

This section will serve as public notice to list the court orders for these trusts.  No trust documents are for viewing by the general public, so only the name of the trust, the trust identifier number given by the Court and used for court records and public tracking if and when required, will be provided in this space.  This is done so that if any public entity or administrative body wishes to simply confirm the existence of the trust and its good standing, it can be found in the provided notice list here.  

Any further detail or information required can be requested via an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Private appointments can be made to view any documents for specified purposes, although the Court and the Society is under no obligation to provide such viewing if it deems that such viewing is contrary to the privacy policies of the Society, the Office of Overseer and/or the Court.  All requests submitted in writing will be responded to within thirty days and will be given all due consideration.