A Mutual Benefit Society


Bond of the Court

The PanTerra D'Oro Private Contract Association, Eleemosynary Society and Court of the Ekklesia are private and do not in any way participate in the public sector or within commerce.  Therefore, the Bond of the Court is a private matter amongst the peculiar members of the Society, and is established by each member having pledged their Word as their Bond, by their acceptance and affirmation of the Declaration of Intention of the Society and the jurisdiction of the Court for the settlement of all matters within the Society, amongst the members, or for any member and a non-member (living being or corporate/commercial entity) in the public.  In order to bond and assure the integrity of the Court, each member that accepts the appointment of Justice has privately pledged their commitment to and alignment with the jurisdiction of the Court via a pledge of their Word as their Bond, and provided the substance of Twenty-one One Ounce Pure Silver (0.999 fine) Rounds with the Imprimatur of the Society (see below), to underwrite and provide surety that their Word as Bond is underwritten with their unlimited living substance as eternal Life, aligned with their commitment to see justice be done in all matters brought before the Court and to uphold the principles of the Society and the Articles of Establishment of the Court of the Ekklesia.

The Bond of the Court is not commercial and does not constitute a public obligation.  At the same time, the Word as Bond of the Overseer is herewith pledged and shall serve as full assurance to any inferior courts or public administrative bodies to indemnify and hold harmless said entities, courts and bodies in any matter or case(s) removed there from via any of the Sacred Writs of the Court (see Articles of Establishment).  This commitment stands as surety for the proper settlement and closure of any public liabilities and/or bonds attached to the franchises and commercial instrumentalities of such cases, so as to remain in honor and to cause no harm to and retain neutrality within the public, with respect to any and all of the peculiar members of the Society and the Society as a whole.  By the Office of the Overseer, said office holder is empowered to utilize any and all capacities to execute such settlement and closure.

For any inquiries in matters before the Court, please communicate to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..