A Mutual Benefit Society


The PanTerra Board of Trustees

The PanTerra D'Oro Board of Trustees functions in various ways, as follows:

  1. The Board is the extension of the Court of the Ekklesia for administering fiduciary (trustee) functions for any and all of the trusts and corporations sole that members create and maintain for their private affairs.
  2. The Board is established as the successor trustee for all trusts and corporations sole in the event there is the occurrence of a temporary gap in such positions for any members. This is important so that the continuity and integrity of each entity is maintained and directed to fulfill the wishes and intentions of the member(s).
  3. The Board oversees the administration of the "Letters of Wishes" issued by each member standing in positions of overseer, trustee or otherwise, for their private societies and entities, or for foreign or inter vivos trusts in the Status Correction process. This is an adjunct function for the item #2 above, and both work as an integrated complete function for our society members. A Letter of Wishes is what you establish for the continuity and implementation of your society and corporation sole upon the occurrence of death or incapacity. It also insures the continuity of succession of office so that the office of overseer is always filled and maintained for your society and corporation sole. These letters as instructions are also put in place to insure maintenance and implementation of any disbursement of beneficial interests for beneficiaries of trusts, wishes for next generations, and so forth.
  4. As the standard successor trustee this means the board can step into a situation if required, if the successor trustee or overseer has not been clearly identified. For example, if a being who is overseer of a corporation sole and thus the trustee of the trusts attached to the office of corporation sole passes away suddently, there may be assets such as bank accounts or property that are in the name of the trust or corporation sole. These assets belong to the trust or office and need to be secured for the purposes they were created for (per the mission statement or the trust documents). This can be done by the Board with lawful authority to do so, to prevent loss of control over assets.
  5. The Board is the keeper of the permanent archives of the records of the Court of the Ekklesa, which includes the above noted letters of wishes, lines of succession and otherwise. This also includes the implementation, preservation and security of the Declarations of Overseer and Notices of Trust as public notices that are published on the panterrapca.org web site. The technical backbone for that publication function is not yet in place (as of October 2014) but will be done as soon as resources are available to do so.
  6. Our ultimate intention is to have permanent archives for physical hard copies of all documents for members and the society as a whole, with full security and protection as required, as well as electronic archives both public (for notices) and private for internal functions and requirements. All of this comes under the purview of the PanTerra D'Oro Board of Trustees.

The new Board has been seated since February 2014. The following document describes the functions of the board and lists the names of the board members that have been appointed by the Overseer. The permanent record document with autographs and seals is posted here for the viewing of all PanTerra members. Soon we will have each board member do a brief video of introduction so that all of our members can have a direct connection to the board members to know who they are and get a feel for their character and capacities. View the Board of Trustees founding document below:

Appointment and Acceptance of Members for the Seating of the Board of Trustees for the PanTerra Private Contract Association