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 PanTerra D'Oro Private Society and

Private Contract Association


American Nationals Standing With Exactly Required Solutions

What is everyone looking for in this confused and troubled world today?


The PanTerra D’Oro Society and Private Contract Association has defined ANSWERS as a network (association) of Americans standing in their full status as Private American Nationals, with the inherent capacities thereof, with unalienable rights that have been reclaimed based on extensive and continuing research into uncovering the roots of the problems in America and across the world. Our intention and purpose is to bring forward the exact and precise solutions required both on an individual and collective level to address the massive problems facing all of humanity during these difficult and trying times. Our research has brought us to the point where we do in fact have the exact solutions, which must start with a change of status from the station we were born into, which is that of a bonded surety debt slave to a system of perpetual debt, to the status of a Private American National with all inherent and unalienable rights claimed, preserved and perfected. From and within such status and standing we will then have the capacities to be the directive principle in this country and the world to direct the required solutions. Hence, if you have questions and seek solutions to your current life dilemmas of bondage, debt, economic insecurity and all the other issues that are now endemic and wide spread through the world, we have ANSWERS and the Exactly Required Solutions!!

In what areas of application do these solutions sit? The following is a partial list:

  1. Knowledge and Understanding through Education with specific and applied practical action, along with personal and collective integration, to learn the true history of our world system, beginning with how law, money mechanics, and other essential elements of geopolitical and socio-economic control have been created to limit freedom and personal creative capacities.
  2. Applied solutions for proper and defined change of Personal Status Process, moving from being a bankrupt, bonded surety attached to a public franchise defined by the system as a decedent estate without standing, impaired as a surety that all public debts are attached to, which in effect is a state of permanent debt enslavement, into a status of solvency and honor with full capacity to create what is required to heal and rejuvenate our individual lives and this world.
  3. How to convert the bankrupt and permanently indebted franchise that you operate your daily lives through into a private trust that requires the public system to honor and maintain its requirement maintenance and values.
  4. With change of status, you remove yourself from the perpetual field of battle that is commerce, which we have been taught is a beneficial thing, but is in fact the field of our demise and our perpetual enslavement. Commerce is not the same as private enterprise, creative entrepreneurship or other forms of value creation. Commerce is the mechanism by which debt and surety attachment (of ourselves) to that debt is created and enforced. The only way to win the battle is not to fight it. So one key ANSWER is to know how to properly remove oneself from the field of battle yet still be able to function creatively and abundantly, to have the life you wish and to contribute to building a better world.
  5. Once “Private American National” status is achieved, you return to the status of being a living being standing on the land, rather than what the system actually defines you as when you are the bonded surety to the franchise, which is a status of civil death. The entire world system is really a global “cult of death” and so, changing your status literally means walking into life and removing the presumption of death.
  6. When we say you remove your attachment as the surety to the bankrupt franchise, that franchise is the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS entity created by and for the State. You are not that entity; it was created by the UNITED STATES, which has been bankrupt at least since 1933 and in reality since 1789. When you are attached to that ALL CAPS NAME as the guarantor (surety/collateral) you are effectively also a bankrupt. In the system on this planet, in law, a bankrupt has no standing. A being without standing is considered as and acted upon as a slave, a debtor, someone without substance, a decedent estate lost at sea and presumed dead, and as presumed dead, you are civilly dead and cannot state a claim.
  7. When civilly dead you do not have substantive rights, which can also be called unalienable rights, because unalienable means they cannot be liened, and if you are bankrupt, you are most decidedly liened up, every which way! So without standing your claims to have rights are falling on deaf ears, because they know you do not have them. You have what they have misleadingly called "civil rights" but they are not really rights, they are only privileges and benefits, and those can be taken away any time they want if you do not comply with their rules and regulations.
  8. If you cannot state a claim, then you must be re-presented by an attorney, who attorns you (turns you in) back onto the ship of state, which is in the sea of commerce that is under admiralty rules, and they have declared war on us, and as such they can board our "vessel" and plunder it for booty (prize on land and sea).
  9. So the question is, do you like the sound of your current status as detailed above? Do you think you can accomplish anything real in this world with such an impaired status? Do you think all of your protestations and anger mean anything to the system when you have no standing?
  10. If your answer to all these questions is NO, then you need ANSWERS!
  11. Our ANSWERS facilitate your removal from attachment to a Corporation and Public Fictions in Law, which are part of the world system as a cult of death. The root of the word corporate is corpus, which is where we get the word “corpse”. Everything in the corporation system is a fiction in law, and it is civilly dead. That is why when you think you are buying a house and you take out a loan, what they require you to give is a mortgage, which literally translates to “pledge of death”. Do you like the thought of having pledged yourself to DEATH? Do you like the thought of passing that on to your children? If you don’t like that thought, then you need ANSWERS.
  12. When you operate your life through the franchise with the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME, you are considered a vessel in commerce. Don’t believe that? Well, do a search on the internet for a book called the Government Style Manual put out by the Government Printing Office. Then search in that book for italicization and what you will find is that any word in all capital letters that is italicized is a ship. That style manual book is the precise way the government requires the use of the English language in all its documents and procedures. So it is telling you that your name in all capital letters is a ship, or a vessel, and it is floating on the sea of commerce.
  13. Our ANSWERS will show you how that works, and guide you out of that interpretation that controls your life. Because, when you are a vessel on the sea of commerce, you are considered lost at sea, and thus you are presumed dead, and only the dead can tend to the dead. That is why the judge wears black robes, and that is why the court must “summons you to appear” just like a séance when they summons the dead, an apparition, that they wish to have appear. Our ANSWERS show you how to step out of the sea of death onto the Land of the Living, and how to step into life and out of the realm of the dead where you currently reside.
  14. Settlement of and the extinguishment of all public claims, liens and liabilities. This is key to moving out of bankruptcy because unless all the liabilities are removed that you have agreed to stand as surety for, you are not free. And this does not just mean your mortgage and car loan, because you still pay license and use fees as taxes even if they are “paid off”, which means they do not belong to you, you are just given a limited beneficial use of them. If that is the case, are you free?
  15. Status declaration with the issuance of an Inter Vivos Trust. This is your claim of your own living substance as your life, your flesh and blood, and your very breath! If you do not claim it, they will continue to presume it is theirs. This also includes asserting your Will as a living claim that you are the self-directive principle of your life, not the breathless STATE and CORPORATION.
  16. Discharge settlement and closure of public liabilities. As stated above, this is essentially to stepping out of the sea of death and impaired status.
  17. Creation of a New Estate. With this you have the capacity to be self-directive and construct your new living estate and build a legacy to send it forward to be the cause for the effect you wish to manifest in this world.
  18. Project, Organization, Humanitarian Foundation Structuring, in conjunction with personal private estate. An adjunct to the creation of the new estate. From that new standing and status, after you have removed yourself from impaired attachments, debt and presumptions, and created your new estate, you can now walk forward and build what it is you wish to manifest to be part of the solution on Planet Earth, whether that is a project, a new technology, creating an organization for whatever work it is established to do, to do humanitarian or environment or social work to improve life, or whatever else you know you are here to do for this world and for what is Best For All.
  19. International Structure and Banking. How to become global and diversify your assets, whether financial or substantial, because as we state in our international name ("UR Global"): You Are Global, and at one and the same time can be grounded here, in and as your local expression, and as a member of our society and association, access what we have built over 20+ years in the international global arena, avoiding all the pitfalls, mistakes and dead ends that it took us decades to figure out. Now you can have the economy of scale and break through the barriers of entry that are normally there to keep the little guy out of the big guy game, because if enough "little guys" have this access, we become collectively a big guy and provide each of us something that on our own we cannot achieve, but when standing together and working for the benefit of the greater good in balance with our own needs and intentions, we can effect the change we want to see in this world.
  20. Creating a new monetary and value system, based on the principles of Life, Life Enhancing Action and Sustainable Design, which incorporates the following:
  21. Private Virtual Private Network ("VPN") and a Virtual Private Economy ("VPE") in which we have full capacity to interact within our private domain, with each other as private members of a private association, to network, share, collaborate, innovate, create, and most importantly, protect what we do and have so that it can be applied for real results in the world, not fantasized change that is never actually realized in the full manifestation of what is physically here. This can be done via:
    1. Barter and Exchange System, a private common ground to exchange value and substance without the insidious degradation of such via taxation, interest and inflation, because every time we do an exchange of labor, materials, product or service, we denominate that unit of value and retain that unit of measure; it can never go away and remains stable as we build and grow forward.
    2. This is achieved by being the Bank, and having a collective Electronic Data Interface ("EDI"). A bank is simply something that we agree holds our individual and collective value. An EDI is what we create to use modern technology and communications to secure, protect encrypt, communicate and repository our value denominated data. That sounds fancy, but it is what you do every day; the only difference is you are now doing it in someone else's sand box, and they control all the toys and all the rules, and in the end, they take away all the toys and leave you with nothing but the mess and sand in your knickers.
    3. Bullion Bank, which uses a currently accepted universal form of value, that becomes the basis of an internal system as well as a method by which settlement of external contractual exchange can take place.
    4. Commodity Exchange System ("CES"), which is used for larger scale exchange of value and conveyance, such as between companies, other sovereign domains, other private associations and so forth. All that is required is a mutual benefit agreement that establishes and agrees to abide in honor and confidence in each other's value basis and the method and medium of exchange of value.
    5. Ecclesiastical Court, for maintaining immunities and protections within our private domain, as well as maintaining honor in private peaceful relationships with the public system.
    6. Assistance and support in correcting one’s status from that of a surety that guarantees all public debt through the mechanism of a corporation franchise that we are attached to as the debtor from cradle to grave. That franchise is in fact what you think of as your own name in all capital letters, but which is in fact a mirror image of you to keep you bound and attached to a perpetual debt system.
    7. Learning how to use the status of a private being who is prepaid and exempt from levy in the system.

Part of the ANSWER to every question is to understand who we are and who we are not. It is not so much a matter of what most people think of as “sovereignty” which has now become a catch phrase to distort facts and confuse people by calling those who are seeking the truth about our world and system “sovereign citizens”. There is no such thing as a sovereign citizen; because a citizen is property of the state and a sovereign has no superior authority. So how could one be property of a state while not having a superior authority.
But what the system and media really mean by that phrase is that unless and until you know who you are and how to change the status from bonded surety debt slave to a private being who does not have liens or attachments to the public system of debt, you are in fact a citizen. And if you run around claiming to be sovereign when in fact you are a bonded debt slave, then the word becomes meaningless and is nothing different than saying here is a group of blue citizens and over here we have green citizens and look at these, they are sovereign citizens (aren’t they cute!). They are our special citizens so we keep them in cages for display.

If we wish to talk about “sovereignty” let’s remove it from this false debate. A being who has achieved a status that is free from the illusions and bonds of the current public/corporate/commercial debt system is really “solvent”, as opposed to bankrupt, because the franchise you operate through every day is a franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC. and that entity is a corporation that is bankrupt. So if you are the surety that guarantees its debt, you too are a bankrupt. And a bankrupt has no standing to state a claim and therefore the system treats him or her as an incompetent and a child. Literally. Because attorneys can only have infants, imbeciles and incompetents as clients. So if you have ever been represented by an attorney, guess what? You are one or all of those and nothing more, to the system. So, is that what you call “sovereign”?

We prefer to see ourselves as solvent once we change our status. Sovereignty is more of a basis of one’s own inner being, which starts with the following:

  1. Self-Directive Principle. Being at all times directive from the true self, not the superficial mind that consists of and exists as patterns of rote behavior learned and ingrained by public schooling, corporate environment, numbing media and chemically debased and poisoned food.
  2. Self-Awareness. Knowing who you are, not what you have been told you are by some external nameless and faceless system. Know Thyself is the maxim that guides this application.
  3. Self-Generating. Knowing that you are the source of your life and the cause of the manifestation that you bring forth, therefore, you are not a victim and are always responsible for your life and the world as a whole.
  4. Self-Responsible. One that takes full responsibility not only for one's own life, but that of the entirety of Life itself. We do not exist in a vacuum, and we cannot truly be self-responsible if all we are seeking is self-aggrandizement, pleasure and avoidance of the truth of the matter of what we have accepted and allowed in this world. Unless we take full responsibility for this world, we cannot truly be self-responsible, and therefore, not truly sovereign in our own being.
  5. Self-Correcting. Being willing and able to correct our mistakes and accept the responsibility of such within the context of self-responsibility.

The ultimate ANSWER we can provide is to investigate everything, and learn the truth. Come to understand your true condition and that of this world, and then follow a well trodden path of research, study, investigation and practical applications to change one’s status....and that is what we within the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society have done, and achieved. We have walked the path and done the research. We therefore invite any of those out there seeking the truth of our condition and who want to do something real, practical and specific to change one’s own reality, that of your family, community and nation, and the world at large, and if you are willing to really roll up your sleeves and go to work to do what is necessary, then we have the ANSWERS, and we have the path that leads to true freedom. Come join us if you wish!