A Mutual Benefit Society



Summary Overview of Current Global Model

PanTerra PCA, UR Global and GEMSTONE Global Network

PanTerra PCA: PanTerra is a Private Contract Association ("PCA") established as a private member association. It is a private mutual benefit society for its members to develop knowledge and education as to how our world is constructed, be guided in practical applications to recreate one's life, and join like minded people in a community committed to effect real change in ourselves and our world.

UR Global: This is the international counterpart of the PCA membership established to build an integrated global structure for effective applications in the world. Such areas as banking, financial management, integrated organizational structuring, project development and other practical requirements to mobilize resources for our projects and applied endeavors are built and accessed within the UR Global network of entities, strategic partners and management tools. UR means that You Are Global, having access to the global community through economy of scale, allowing members to access global structures and functions regardless of where they are starting or current stage of development, as well as standing for Universal Resources, the principle that all resources that support and sustain life are universal and belong to all for what is best for all.

GEMSTONE: Global Education Media Standing Together ~ Our Noble Expression, this is the education, media, broadcasting and communication platform to integrate the activities, education, networking and structural development of a global community through communications, media and data systems technologies.

Our integrated model posits that we are building a house. The foundation has a parallel set of tracks. One rail is the banking/finance infrastructure and systems. The other is the communications/data infrastructure and systems. Together they work synergistically as an integrated foundation. The current global monetary system has created a negative inversion of life principles, whereby only debt and death is given credence as value. All labor, assets and resources are bonded as monetized debt in the old system. All human services are effectively designed to promote and accelerate death. All elements of life are resources to be consumed, depleted and drained of their life substance; in this system humans are nothing more than another resource to be used and then discarded, all based on debt and death.

In the new system, all life is recognized as unified as one living and dynamic system. As such the new world money system must reflect that principle. We cannot posit a new world based on life Unity and Equity that is built on the old principles of debt and death. Therefore we must begin with a model of building our new house on new principles. Money must therefore be redefined and based on life rather than debt and death. We must translate the old monetary system into a life-based system, so the foundation of our new house with two parallel tracks starts from with the point that the current monetary system is now essentially an electronic system. It is effectively an issue of communications and data management. Therefore, the UR Global house shall be built on our own in-house infrastructure of banking and finance, parallel with our own in-house infrastructure of communications and data.

Key to the transition is the development of our own in-house infrastructure on these two tracks, so that we have a comprehensive whole system for banking and communications; initially the banking will be within the current system, utilizing and linking up with all the global networks of the banking, financial and monetary systems. As capital and resources are developed within the holding structures and infrastructure we create and maintain, the value of such monetary and tangible assets can be structured in such a way as to then become the reserve base to underwrite new models based on equal money value systems. This point will be further expanded and discussed in additional presentations in the near future.

On top of this foundation is a framework of the house with several key divisions. One is the function of education. Without knowledge of how the current system has been developed throughout history, how it is currently structured and how it operates, we cannot translate the old system into the new. This function of education is embodied in our online university, known as the GEMSTONE University. It teaches true history, law, money structure and mechanics, commerce, organization structure and strategy and other practical tools. It will evolve into areas of education in all facets of human endeavor, all subjects that will assist and support the emerging new paradigm and those participating in such emergence in gaining the skills, knowledge, resources and applications to build new organizations, companies, associations and models for a life-based global model.

Side-by-side with education are the practical requirements of understanding how to structure oneself or one's organization to operate effectively on a global scale as well as in any local or regional context. Wherever you are, you are here, and at the same time, as part of this global member organization, You Are Global. This includes understanding multi-layered strategies by using multiple jurisdictions and integrated strategies to build dynamic and effective organizations. Such structures are designed to be free of current archaic systems of government, taxation and regulation that are in place to delimit progress and impede creativity and innovation. Our applied systems are dynamic, flexible and scale-able to expand to any size and any requirement. They provide maximum privacy and flexibility. With this framework of education and dynamic structure, members can grow into their intentions and chosen applications. By having the economy of scale provided by being part of a global organization, the small player has access to the larger global scale without inordinate investment or the time that it would take to develop such a global scale. Therefore, no matter what a member's starting point, they can be decentralized on a human scale, and globalized if and as required without being dehumanized into the fictional corporate system.

The parallel track of banking/finance and communications/data provide the access and bridge to this model. Any and all projects, organizations or enterprises need both of these essential components. They need structure and support, knowledge and guidance. Our educational model and global integrated structure will provide all of it, and provide the means for members to grow into their utmost potential. Then projects, new technologies, new innovations and new models will be nurtured and supported to guide the way into a new world based on the principles of life.

Part of this model incorporates the acquisition and development of land-based communities throughout the world. Each community is designed, developed and sustained by members who bring together individual expertise and collective design and development. At the center of each community is the communications/data systems nexus that interlinks the global network and to the other communities and integrates with other organizations pursuing similar or complimentary models. These land-based communities become centers of education in which new design, innovation and advancements are incubated and refined. As both an education and communication center, such development of knowledge and innovation is instantly accessible to the global community through the GEMSTONE Media and Broadcasting network. Live broadcasts, lectures, classes and ongoing courses can be initiated from any of these community centers, and accessed live or archived in the growing online Gemstone University. Overall, the Gemstone University becomes a Living University, because events are taking place in real time, real physical environments, that can be watched worldwide by the broadcasting network, then can be archived onto the online system for access at any time by members anywhere in the world. In this way, new innovation is instantly accessible, and forums for discussion, analysis, debate and so further will foster dialog and synthesis of ideas and practical solutions.

Each community as a land-based model is integrated with the living fabric of the land, the local environment and with the local culture and community at large. Key areas of education in permaculture, resource management, health, rejuvenation and well being, living systems, environmental remediation and rebalancing, and in effect how to walk exit the sea of commerce (the realm of the dead) and back onto the land of the living will develop and be applied. Regional conference centers for both temporary and permanent business, economic and educational applications will be an integral part of the communities.

The Transfer Mechanism and Receptacle: All the wealth of this world has been organized in such a way so as to be concentrated in the hands of the very few. The overlay of the current monetized debt system has created slavery, abuse and destruction, the antithesis of life. If we could instantly dissolve the current overlay of the world system what would remain would be the physical manifestation of that wealth, still standing as it really is without the illusions of ownership and control. But of course, we can't dissolve the system instantly; we must transfer it progressively (thus the need for the Transfer Mechanism). In order to do that so that it is not retracted back into the old system (as the old system was perfectly designed to do), we must build and sustain a proper structure to hold it within (the Receptacle). Thus, what is required is both a transfer mechanism and a receptacle. The transfer mechanisms must be legal, lawful and well-founded on proper principles. But in order for such to be effective they must be established and executed on proper knowledge and understanding, hence the a priori need for the educational system. At the same time, the receptacle must also be built on proper structures within the context of law and the global system. We cannot just project ourselves into an ideal future in the mind; we must know where we are currently standing and know how we are going to get where we intend to go, step by step. There must be a continuum of how this is achieved so that as the old world diminishes and dissolves, the new world emerges and grows.

In order to achieve this we must have a proper receptacle. Our educational model first provides insight and understanding as to how the old model has been designed and how it operates. We can't get to where we want to be unless we clearly see where we are currently standing. We must also have the tools to understand how a transition can be effected with the least amount of disruption or chaos. In order to do that, we must have a proper model as the receptacle. Our communities will be designed and grown to create templates and prototypes for such new and emergent models. These models will be established on a principle of decentralization. New technologies in key areas that have previously been controlled and limited will provide the means for the communities to thrive as decentralized sustainable systems. Energy, food, water, education, housing, health and other essentials will have new technologies that will provide the means for such decentralization. The old model of hierarchy and control will fade and morph into new models of community based sustainability.

Central to this transfer into new receptacles will be the emergence of new monetary principles. These will be based on creating first a foundation of building foundations that provide economic vitality and opportunities for all human beings.  By so doing, each human being and community can build lives of integrity and respect.  Creating new prototypes for how life necessities are created and distributed will progressively reduce the function of money as we have known it in the past. Decentralization is first and foremost to be applied with respect to money. Instead of central banks of issue that only create money as debt, every living being will learn how their life force is valued and is self-generating as a medium of exchange. We will not look to the illusions of the banks to create money out of thin air and then bind us to debt service servitude that forces the global system to cannibalize and consume the world's substance just to maintain an artificial monetary system that serves the very few to the detriment of the many and the planet itself. Every person and every community will become their own bank, a private central bank of issue, and as such can create monetary equivalent as a medium of exchange that is on par with life itself. Then, because we will have created an integrated global system of communications and data management, essentially monetary system in and as an electronic data interface and settlement system, each small scale decentralized local system will have the means for interface and settlement to be able to trade and converse economically with all other local systems around the world. The key is the elimination of the governmental intrusion through centralized control and the ability of such a centralized system to cannibalize the wealth and the life force of the population and the planet through their primary monetary tools of interest, inflation and taxation combined with a fiat elastic currency system that they control.

So to return to our house, it is built on the current system and utilizes understanding of the banking and finance system to build our own in-house infrastructure in order to "play the game" in the world of money and finance. We will build our own internal integrated communications and data systems to integrate a global network for education, communication and awareness. The house will be framed out as networks of people, bringing forward their individual and collective visions and intentions, applied as projects, companies, organizations and consortiums, and technologies. The roof or our house is the media and broadcasting network to integrate it on both a local and global scale. Our education will provide tools for practical requirements such as understanding how law, jurisdiction, economics and history can be transformed to be redirected to what is best for all in our emerging new world based on life and not death. Communities will be localized and integrated with the culture, the people and the resources in the local area. They will be networked and intercommunicated through the global communications and data system.

Monetary value will be transferred and received into the newly emerging system. Money will be established as a parity system that values life, and since all are equal in life, the new value system will reflect that principle. The global system of media, broadcasting, communication and networking will integrate all of this and emerge as an expressed manifestation of Unity based on life in balance and equanimity. When the global integrated communications and data system is firmly in place, then any local community can bring forward its value as labor, resource, value added product, intellectual property and so forth, and enter it into a value denominated system held as electronic data. Money is nothing more than a system of units of measure applied to units of value, and underwritten by faith and confidence in such units of value denominated measure. If we are all in agreement in this local/global community network to give full faith and credit to such a system of money based on life principles and value, then every individual and every community becomes a self-generating bank of issue, what one creates as a value resource is instantly credited as a monetary equivalent that is fungible into the global communicated network system. This eliminates the middle player (the governments, the banks, the usurers) and creates a parity system of equal value for equal manifestation. The data repository of our integrated global communications system becomes our global bank and our internal proprietary (virtual private) money system.

As a Mutual Benefit Society, established in the private without contractual or jurisdictional attachment to the current debt system, by agreement to mutual benefit, by definition we create money based on life rather than death. Mutual Benefit is the equivalent to the expression of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, as well as working for the greater good and what is best for all life. If it is mutually beneficial to any and all participants in equal measure, then it is by definition best for all participants and all of life.

Our knowledge and understanding of the structure of law will guide our members on how to step out of the current system of bonded servitude through monetized debt from cradle to grave. In that old system, we are bonded as surety guarantors to ongoing and never-ending liabilities that literally extract our life force out of us until we are consumed and depleted. These bonds are contractual in nature and must be removed if one is to be free and unencumbered to remove all attachments, presumptions of consent to the debt/death system and to take directive control of our own lives and realities.  The money and legal system is a direct parallel with the understanding that we are not now in life, we are literally the walking dead. The GEMSTONE University will provide practical guidance and understanding of how this was created and how it can be unraveled. We have accepted and allowed this state of affairs, therefore, we must know it, walk it, and step through it. To deny its existence does not in any way remove its reality. In this context, consider the following metaphor.

If you are standing on the Santa Monica pier on the west coast of California and wish to walk to New York, if you are facing west and do not see or understand where you are standing, which direction you are facing and how the road goes to get to where you want to be, you will never make it to New York as your destination. Instead, you will take a long walk off a short pier and plunge headlong into the ocean, be buffeted by the waves, smashed into the pylons and drowned beneath the murky waters. Most people say they want to step into a new world that works for all, yet they know not where they are standing or in which direction they are facing. The result of their journey is most likely to be exactly as the above metaphor posits. People do not know that they are surety collateral to perpetual debt. They do not know that they have consented to this system and unless they remove the presumptions of attachment to the system of debt and death, they are tacitly accepting and allowing all that that implies and manifests. People do not understand the consequences of every dollar they spend being attached to slaves that make the clothes and food they buy, the trinkets they give as gifts, the fact that somewhere someone is expending their life force just to pay debt service to a dehumanized system of debt monetization supported by out of control government and banking. They do not understand that for every credit there is a debit in the current system, and someone will pay the negative for our perceived positive.

Therefore, if you are one of those who would like to make a difference, to learn how this world really works and how we can begin to transfer the wealth into a receptacle of true value in a world that works for all, then step into this new world by and through a model that has taken into consideration how we got to where we are and how we can in practical terms get to where we want to be. It only takes the practical commitment to take the first step and to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. That first step is membership in a private association that has been developed based on these principles and extensive research into both the problem and the logical solution. Our association is not based on hierarchy or top down dominance; it is based on co-creative participation. It is based on the principle of "Give unto others as you would have given unto you." In short, as you give to the association to make it real you shall receive in equal measure. Ultimately, it is based on the only law that applies:

Thou Shalt Honor All Life and Honor the Life Force in All Beings